Evia Cybernetics

Intelligence is about making links.

Machines and automated systems can help humans in finding information and making decisions. Evia Cybernetics designs intelligent softwares that allow relevant information to emerge out of the data flow.

Evia Cybernetics designs intelligent softwares, taylored to your needs and your data. We also offer consulting services and training in Data science and machine learning.

Our expertise

Data science

Artificial intelligence

Data exploration and visualization

Data and text mining



Our expertise in data science:

Graphs and Networks

Graphs are used to model complex interactions between items. The connections encoding similarities are the basic building blocks for classification, recommendation or filtering.

beyond the analysis of the structure, Evia can also track temporal activity over networks.

Natural Language Processing

All human knowledge is recorded in written documents. All company knowledge is recorded in written documents. Quick access to information is crucial for conpanies. NLP is a key element of the knowledge retrieval pipeline.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning comes as the perfect tools when the task is to classify data. Advanced algorithms can turn the machine into an entity able to learn from its mistakes. However, a good selection of data features / characteristics, as well as a good feedback model are necessary to obtain relevant results.


Data classification, recommender systems, visualization of relationships: Check out our examples!

Analyse and visualize your data

Specialist in data analysis and visualization

Finding relationships inside data, in particular in textual data, is one of our main specialities. In front of the large amount of data and its variety, it is important to produce good visualizations to first get insights on the data, explore it and secondly communicate on it.

Two examples of data analysis and visualization

When the quantity of information to display increases, the limit of a 2 dimensional picture is quickly reached. An interactive figure is a mean to go beyond. It allows displacement, zooming and clicking to obtain extra information.

Mail analysis

Personal emails topics and activity, at a glance.

Inside the brain

Visualization of brain connections, another perspective to investigate the brain complexity.

Evia can tailor visualization tools to your needs.

About us


Evia Cybernetics is a high tech company located near the French city of Evian, famous all over the world for its mineral water. The high quality of life, the French Alps and nearby Swiss Alps, as well as the scenic view on the lake Geneva are boosting creativity and innovation.

Benjamin Ricaud

Founder and CEO of Evia Cybernetics



253 rue du miroir
74500 Maxilly sur Léman, France